Friday, October 7, 2011

Maybe Jose Reyes?

Sorry all, I thought I was done with roster projections.  Then I realized I had forgotten to post my Jose Reyes solution.  For all intents, it is the same as my previous McCutchen worksheet, but swapped Reyes for McCutchen and Melky Cabrera for Aybar.

And no more Wandy Rodriguez.  We'd have to make do with RHP Justin Fitzgerald (my preference) or LHP Eric Surkamp.  I still put a cash offset for Zito, in hopes some team would pay $7.5 total for two-years of his service.

I worked on a front-loaded contract for Reyes to make the total payroll $142M for both 2012 and 2013.  And I got $137M for both 2014 and 2015.  I wouldn't go over $18M for Reyes, I just think the value-scale drops way too fast there.

I used $105M/6-years: 18.2, 23.8, 19.5, 16, 14, 13.5.  That is an average of $17.5M per year.

That's about the max I'd want the Giants to spend on him.  And who knows?  Maybe teams are scared off by his hamstrings.  That is still a large contract, and he's having a career year in a contract year.

One thing I am certain of, it is easier to 'acquire' Reyes, he's a free agent.  But then, he's said he doesn't want to play in SF.  Who knows if he's suckering us for a bigger paycheck.  I'd still prefer we get Aybar, McCutchen, Ramon Hernandez, and Wandy Rodriguez.  That's my final answer.

My 2012 Jose Reyes & Melky Cabrera worksheet:

I think the 2014 year is the one I'd be excited for.  Anytime after Gary Brown takes the lead-off spot.  Reyes can help drive in more runs, and sustain more rallies for our 3-4-5-6 hitters, who would be seasoned veterans by then!

I also think we'll have a couple nice starters by then.  Not sure who, but they are in our system now, maybe Verdugo and Crick.  Maybe Fitzgerald and Sanford?  Could be Heston and Gloor.  Marte and Black?  Who knows.

I'm a fan of Melky, and think he'd do well here.  I'm not so sure about Reyes.  Not sure his vibe and attitude are 'right' for the Giants and for the city of SF itself.  Plus, we don't need to sign him to NOT play, if he's injured a bunch.  We've been there, done that.  Even got the t-shirts to prove it.

I just can't say enough about how much I think Andrew McCutchen would fit perfectly with the team's needs, his play, his ceiling, his vibe and attitude...  I think fans would love him here.  And he'd excite the clubhouse.  McCutchen and Aybar here?  Dang.  They'd prolly be throwing after-game parties in the dugout for ticket holders.

Romo could be wearing a surgical mask, gloves, and be giving tattoos.
Lincecum could be spinning on the one's and two's rockin' some sick AKG headphones.
Pill, Mota and Bumgarner could be the bouncers.
Murph could do all the party tricks.
Wotus would be doin' the robot.
Sandoval would prolly be on the infield grass doin' ballbreaker flairs and headspins.
Huff would be having a Zoolander "walk-off" with some hot mama-san or four from the bleachers.
Burrell would somehow find his way there to judge.

Rowand would probably be that guy, the one still hanging around; sitting in the bleachers,
while they turn off the lights in the park after the party is over.

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