Saturday, October 8, 2011

Giants vs. Yankees

One quick last post for me.

What if we really, truly could get McCutchen and Reyes?
How would this 2012 Giants to compare to the potential 2012 Yankees, for example?

I took two stats:

OPS+ and WAR for batters.
ERA+ and WAR for pitchers.

It gets just a little wonky comparing and extra pitcher and only 8 hitters in the line-up for an NL Giants team and one less bullpen pitcher and a DH for an AL Yankees team.

I did 'fudge' a little with Posey's, Huff's, Belt's, and Hembree's stats.  I projected a low-ish estimate for how well they might perform on this 2012 team.  Everyone else, I used 2011 stats for on the entire chart.

Take care to all.  Be well.


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